New PPP Poll Shows Sanders and Clinton Supporters Voting on Candidates Willingness to Challenge Corporate Power, Tackle Income Inequality, Protect Social Security

In a final poll of Iowans who plan to caucus for a Democrat completed over the weekend by PPP, and commissioned by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, voters say they are driven strongly by economic populism in their final voting decisions.

“During candidatesai??i?? closing statements last night, both Clinton and Sanders competed to embrace the mantle of economic populism, talking about the ai???rigged system,ai??i??” said Adam Green, PCCC co-founder, who is on the ground in Iowa for the Caucuses.

ai???Our new poll shows tapping into the growing economic populist tide in America is a winning strategy. A huge majority of Iowans are basing their vote tonight on candidatesai??i?? willingness to tackle income inequality, corporate power, and other powerful interests.

ai???Thatai??i??s why Democratic candidates for president are marching in an economic populist direction — competing to sound bolder on ideas like Wall Street reform, jailing bankers who broke the law, and other ai???Warren Wingai??i?? progressive priorities. No matter who wins the caucus, they will need a strong progressive platform to continue to win over Democratic voters for the nomination and win in November.”

PPP Poll Takeaways: Of Iowans who plan to caucus tonight for Democrats…

  • 73% say ai???a candidateai??i??s willingness to strongly challenge powerful interestsai??? is ai???very importantai??? in how they vote.

    • Including 69% of Clinton voters and 87% of Sanders voters;

  • 76% say ai???a candidateai??i??s willingness to challenge corporate power and take strong economic populist positionsai??? is ai???very importantai??? in how they vote.

    • Including 62% of Clinton voters and 86% of Sanders voters;

  • 73% say ai???a candidateai??i??s commitment to addressing income inequalityai??? is ai???very importantai??? in how they vote.

    • Including 71% of Clinton voters, and 79% of Sanders voters.

  • 84% say ai???a candidateai??i??s commitment to never cutting Social Security benefitsai??? is ai???very importantai??? in how they vote.

See the results here:

The poll was of Iowa likely Democratic caucus-goers conducted Saturday-Sunday, Jan 30-31, by Public Policy Polling (PPP) on behalf of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

Note to press: PCCC staff are available for interviews by phone or in-person in Des Moines and Washington, DC leading up to and following Mondayai??i??s caucuses. To schedule, please contact

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More on PCCC and their 2016 election work:

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) has nearly 1 million members nation-wide fighting for bold progressive change. The PCCC has raised $5.5 million for progressive candidates and committees since its founding in 2009.

The PCCC has not endorsed any candidate for president in the 2016 cycle, focusing instead on incentivizing all Democratic candidates to adopt Elizabeth Warren-style positions, including expanding Social Security benefits, debt-free college, and corporate accountability.

The PCCC led the organizing to make debt-free college a central 2016 issue – working with a coalition of groups that included Democracy for America, think tank Demos, and others. Bloomberg reports, “The phrase ‘debt-free college’ was hardly present in the national political lexicon until the Progressive Change Campaign Committee launched a campaign in January to push Democrats to support the idea.” Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O’Malley have all embraced this national goal.