Campaigns can seem daunting. Thatai??i??s why we recommend setting a series of manageable ai???microai??? goals, with rewards along the way. Itai??i??s the best and easiest way to make progress, even when it feels like there are a million things that need to be done.

Three examples of manageable goalsai??i??and rewards:

Fundraising. Set a goal for how much money you are going to raise in a day. The reward is that you wonai??i??t have to make any more fundraising calls once you hit that number. Five great phone calls to meet your goal is worth more than hour after hour of excruciating effort.

Endorsements. Set a goal for how many endorsements you will collect in the next week. You can ask anyone for endorsements, from elected officials to community leaders. Donai??i??t forget to post the endorsements on your website! When you meet your goal, reward yourself with a night off with your family. Remember that you can manage your endorsements in the ai???Endorsement Directoryai??? app in PIES.

Volunteers. When it comes to bringing volunteers in the door, results matter. Set a goal with your campaign team to complete ai???X Number of Volunteer Shiftsai??? over the next two weeks. Provide a pizza party at the end if the team meets their goal. Remember that you can track your volunteers in the ai???Field Managerai??? app in PIES.

Don’t have a PIES account yet, or not sure how to access it? Bringing PIES to your campaign begins by completing ourAi??candidate questionnaires hereAi??– or just email us atAi??help@campaignpies.comAi??with any questions.