Progressive Change Campaign Committee co-founder Adam Green was on MSNBC’s The Ed Show yesterday, explaining how Democrats shouldn’t embrace politically disastrous cuts to Social Security benefits and instead should follow the lead of Sens. Tom Harkin (D-IA) Mark Begich (D-AK) and talk about expanding benefits. Green also covered the growing Draft Brian Schweitzer campaign to get the former Montana Governor to run for Senate:

GREEN:Ai??In 2012, oneAi??presidentialAi??ticket explicitly ran on the idea of cutting social safety net programs like Social Security and Medicare, and that ticket was soundly defeated by Barack Obama. He does not have a mandate to cut Social Security benefits […] We’re actually getting ready to go on offense in the Senate, rallying around people like Tom Harkin from Iowa and Mark Begich from Alaska who are not only saying these cuts are on the table, they want to expand Social Security benefits. So it’s in the best interest of the Democratic Party not just to help millions of people right now, but to make sure their base comes out and that they don’t commit political suicide by supporting Social Security benefit cuts right now.

Watch Green’s appearance:

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