Ai??Progressive Change Campaign Committee co-founder Adam Green was on MSNBCai??i??s The Ed Show yesterday, and part of what he discussed was the organization’s Draft Brian Schweitzer campaign. Schultz asked Green what the main difference between Schweitzer and current Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) would be. Green explained how he would have a game-changing presence in the Senate and be a bold economic populist:

GREEN: Brian Schweitzer, if he decides to run for Senate, which he’s considering, would be an absolute game changer. He is kind of a prairie populist, a farmer who ran for governor, got re-elected and just finished his second term. And his bedrock principle is standing up for the little guy against big corporate interests. That’s what he did as governor and he’s named people like Teddy Roosevelt and Paul Wellstone as his political icons. So we’re working with thousands of people across the state of Montana on a Draft Schweitzer movement.

SCHULTZ: Is he kind of the model Democrat in the middle of the country?

GREEN: He is absolutely the model Democrat. Particularly on economic populism issues. And to have someone from the perceived red state of Montana out there talking about trust busting, out there saying that the corporations own this government and we need to take it back again, will be a game changer. He will be an amazing partner to Elizabeth Warren.

Watch it:

The Draft Brian Schweitzer campaign has alsoAi??gotten local media coverage in the Missoula Independent:

ai???We look for game changers,ai??? Green told the Indy during one of several stops in western Montana early this week. ai???People who will both represent their state well and have a systemic impact on the culture of politics in Washington. Brian Schweitzerai??i??s authenticity and economic populism is something that the Democratic Party sorely needs right now, and could have huge ripple effects across the nation if he has a bully pulpit in Washington, …

PCCC has been successful before in recruiting winners. The organization convinced Sen. Elizabeth Warren to run in Massachusetts last year, and eventually raised more than $1 million for her campaign. Green calls Warren a ai???game changerai??? too. But Schweitzerai??i??s folksy shtickai??i??like his wielding of a veto branding iron in 2011ai??i??has Green convinced heai??i??s an easier sell in his home state.

PCCC plans to host a string of house parties promoting a Schweitzer bid throughout the state in the coming weeks. The man himself is still undecided. ai???I think heai??i??s torn,ai??? Green says, ai???mostly because he loves being in Montana and D.C. is so depressing and

When pressed, Green offered his own prediction: ai???My guess is heai??i??ll run.

We’ve already had over 18,000 people sign our petition urging Schweitzer to run, and we have collected $26,900 in a draft fund that Schweitzer would get on day one of his campaign.

Click here to join our Draft BrianAi??SchweitzerAi??for Senate campaign.

(OrAi??donate $3 that Brian will receive on Day OneAi??of his campaign, so he can hit the ground running.)