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Republican politicians often rail against what they term the “redistribution of wealth.” But when you ask them about government spending that they approve of, they quickly change their minds.

Take this interview with Rep. Martha Roby (R-AL). The congresswoman recently sat down for an interview with Jan Helfield. Helfield asked Roby about how she opposes wealth redistribution by the government. But then Helfield asked her if she supports farm subsidies, which are a massive wealth redistribution program.

Helfield quickly got nervous, and said, “No, I actually think there is a safety net that is appropriate for our farmers.” Helfield asked how these subsidies are not a form of redistribution, and the congresswoman was unable to offer an explanation. Eventually, she simply said she had to leave and got up and left.

Watch it:

The second-largest share of Roby’s campaign funds come from the agricultural industry (almost all of it from lobbyist-run Political Action Committees, as opposed to individuals).

Apparently when progressives try to help the poor and middle class, it’s wealth redistribution. When citizens are taxed to give money to giant corporate farms, it’s A-OK — as long as they finance your campaign.

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