State senator Eric Griego ran for Congress in New Mexico’s 1st district. One of the most progressive senators in New Mexico, Eric pushed a green jobs bill into law. Before that, he took on corporate money by passing public financing of elections in Albuquerque, making him the first candidate we endorsed for the 2012 election. Powered by the grassroots, Eric has outfundraised the establishment candidate in this race for a Democratic open seat.

Our members raised $90,000 for Griego, and we helped his campaign set up its website, hire key staff, and run efficiently and effectively.

Actions for Griego:

  • FUNDRAISING — Our members raised over $90,000 for Griego’s campaign.
  • CAMPAIGN ASSISTANCE– We helped the campaign set up their initial website, hire key staff, and run efficiently.
  • NEWSThe Young Turks: “The Young Turks: Four ai???bold progressiveai??i?? picks for Congress in 2012.”
  • NEWSUSA Today: “A leading group on the political left is throwing its support behind its first congressional candidate of the 2012 cycle, in part as a pre-emptive strike against conservative Democrats. “The last thing we need to send to Washington is a Democrat who is a kinder, gentler version of the Republicans,” reads a PCCC fundraising pitch touting the Griego endorsement.”