As Connecticut’s speaker of the House, Chris rejected a Republican “deal” to cut taxes on the rich and gut social services. Instead, he barnstormed the state showing how Republican cuts would hurt communities — and he won! Republicans caved! Chris is also a national leader for public financing — getting corporate money out of politics. He ran a competitive primary for an open Democratic seat in Connecticut’s 5th district.

We need that fighting spirit in Congress — and it helped Chris earn our endorsement for 2012. Chris ran for an open seat vacated by Democrat Chris Murphy.

Actions for Donovan:

  • FUNDRAISING — Our members raised tens of thousands of dollars to help Chris win.
  • CAMPAIGN ASSISTANCE — We helped the Donovan campaign organize on the ground and online.
  • NEWSHartford Courant: “Donovan Opens 20-Point Gap on Democratic Rivals in Progressive Groupai??i??s Poll.”
  • NEWSRoll Call: “PCCC Endorses Trio in Connecticut, Illinois, New Hampshire.”