The Congressional Progressive Caucus introduced a budget that is focused on helping Americans, called The People’s Budget. CPC Co-Chair Rep. Keith Ellison sent this email to PCCC members:

Hi. This is KeithAi??Ellison, Co-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Yesterday, House Republicans offered their same old budget that privatizes Medicare and hurts seniors, students, and working families.

Today, I’m proud to stand with my colleagues, unions, the PCCC, economists, and others in announcing The People’s Budget — the progressive budget alternative.

The People’s Budget endorses many of the “big ideas” that progressives like you and voters of all political stripes support: Investing in millions of good-paying jobs, making college debt-free, expanding Social Security benefits, reforming our broken campaign finance system, and investing in clean energy. It closes tax loopholes for corporations that ship jobs overseas and makes Wall Street, millionaires, and billionaires pay their fair share.

Our budget will get a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives.

Will you help show the wide public support for The People’s Budget by joining me as a citizen co-sponsor today?

There are 70 of us in the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Your signature will help us convince our colleagues to vote for these big, bold, economic populist ideas. I talk to colleagues on the House floor all the time, and telling them about grassroots momentum really makes a difference.

Support our budget here.

Here is some of what’s in The People’s Budget:

  • Investing over $1.9 trillion in America’s future.
  • Creating 8.4 million good-paying jobs by 2018.
  • Investing $820 billion in rebuilding our roads, schools, and bridges.
  • Making college debt-free through federal assistance to states for public colleges and universities.
  • Endorsing an expansion of Social Security benefits to keep up with seniors’ true costs.
  • Eliminating egregious tax loopholes, including for corporations that ship jobs overseas and executives who pay themselves in stock options instead of income.
  • Implementing a new millionaire’s tax ai??i?? and a new billionaire’s tax — to make our tax code more fair and progressive.
  • Implementing a new financial transaction tax to crack down on the Wall Street gambling that wrecked our economy.
  • Investing in universal pre-K.
  • Providing funding for public financing of campaigns.

This is the opposite of the Republican budget, which cuts and privatizes key programs to pay for tax cuts for big corporations and the wealthiest Americans. Both budgets will get a vote soon.

Can you show public support for The People’s Budget? Sign here to be a citizen co-sponsor.

Thanks for being a bold progressive!

— Congressman KeithAi??EllisonAi??(D-MN)