First, Bonnie Watson Coleman won big in New Jersey’s 12th Congressional District.

Later, Pat Murphy claimed victory in a critical five-way primary in Iowa’s 1st District.

Then, bold progressive Congressman Mike HondaAi??placed first against a primary opponent from the right in California’s 17th District, moving into the general election stronger than ever.

The PCCC was proud to endorse these three bold progressives in their races.

  • Bonnie Watson Coleman was New Jersey Assembly Majority Leader and spent her life as a fighter for the powerless. She won her primary with a bold message of ai???expanding Social Security and Medicareai??? and taxing millionaires to invest in jobs.
  • As Speaker of the House, Pat Murphy successfully led the fight to raise the minimum wage and ushered in universal pre-K in Iowa. He campaigned on expanding Social Security, requiring millionaires to pay their fair share, and making college affordable.
  • Congressman Mike Honda is one of the leading progressives in the House, and heai??i??s taken great pride in working to get more progressives elected. He beat his corporate Democrat challenger by double digits.

The PCCC and these three candidates have been great partners, leading to this week’s victories…

  • PCCC members made over 10,000 small-dollar donations to these candidates. Over 4,700 small-dollar donations to Bonnie Watson Coleman’s campaign — totaling over $34,000, overAi??3,300 small-dollar donations to Pat Murphy’s campaign — totaling over $16,000, andAi??nearly 3,000 small-dollar donations to Mike Honda’s campaign — totaling over $17,500.
  • PCCC staff helped Bonnie Watson Coleman set up her campaign from Day 1, and top PCCC staffers worked closely with Mike Honda’s team to help them run a best-practices campaign.
  • In April, Bonnie Watson Coleman and Pat Murphy attended the PCCC’s national candidate training in DC. In January, Mike Honda attended the PCCC’s national candidate training to mentor other candidates.
  • Over a hundred PCCC members signed up to volunteer for each campaign.
  • PCCC members across the country made thousands of Call Out The Vote calls for Bonnie Watson Coleman, Pat Murphy, and Mike Honda.
  • In February, Pat Murphy joined a PCCC event calling on Republicans to support raising the local minimum wage.
  • Bonnie Watson Coleman joined the PCCC for a national call on Tax Day urging support for requiring millionaires to pay their fair share in taxes to fund jobs and education.
  • Last August, Mike Honda joined PCCC members at a local event calling on his opponent, Ro Khanna, to support expanding Social Security benefits.
  • The PCCC ran online ads getting out the vote for Bonnie Watson Coleman.

Winning candidates joined the PCCC for aAi??national call to discuss their Progressive Super Tuesday victories. On the call, Watson Coleman said the PCCC had been “tremendously” helpful in her race:

“You helped me by raising money, you helped me with the training that I participated in Washington, you helped me on the ground and your people were calling on my behalf. And weai??i??re just really grateful. We think this is a progressive district and having you on our side helped us to get over the finish line.”

Murphy agreed:

“Thank you to the PCCC… the actual fundraisingAi??you did and the HubDialer was absolutely huge for us here in Iowa. We were able to contact thousands of people over the weekend and on Monday and Tuesday so thank you very much for that…Ai??I really thank the PCCC for their work in this campaign, because you gave us tools that we wouldnai??i??t have otherwise had.”

The Quad City Times reported on the PCCC’s national call:

Democratic nominee state Rep. Pat Murphy of Dubuque agrees that economic populism is a core issue for voters that ai???plays just as well in rural Iowa as it does in urban He talked Wednesday during a conference call with other congressional candidates supported by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

Murphy said his record on economic populism during 25 years in the Iowa House was a key to his win in the five-way Democratic primary Tuesday.

Raising the minimum wage is his ai???first and foremost issue,ai??? Murphy said, noting that he led the effort to raise it to $7.25 while he was speaker of the Iowa House and introduced a bill this year to raise it to $10.10.

These victories show people across the nation that voters support a bold progressive vision for America!

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