Shenna Bellows

First, progressive Senate candidate Shenna Bellows out-fundraised Republican Susan Collins.

Now, Shenna is profiled by US News & World Report and The Hill!

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Democrat Shenna Bellows, a former American Civil Liberties Union leader who grew up without electricity or running water until the fifth grade, is attempting to cobble together a unique coalition of liberals and libertarians to try and upset Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins.

But while shea��s been dubbed a�?the Elizabeth Warren of Civil Libertiesa�? by the liberal Progressive Change Campaign Committee, she also finds herself seeing eye to eye with Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., on issues of national security and foreign policy…

Bellows is campaigning on repeal of the U.S. Patriot Act and wants to severely curb the National Security Agencya��s bulk data collection program a�� two issues that resonate with the left wing of the Democratic Party as well as libertarian-minded voters who propped up Ron Paula��s strong showing in the 2012 presidential caucuses there.

a�?What I think we need is targeting based on individualized suspicion, reasonable suspicion that people are engaged in criminal or terrorist activity,a�? she says in response to a question about what she thinks the NSA should be able to monitor.

Bellowsa�� candidacy was being largely ignored by national media until she revealed earlier this month she had raised more money than Collins during the last quarter. Now, shea��s trying to capitalize on that news with a press blitz highlighting a grassroots campaign focused largely on local organizing in Mainea��s 500 towns.

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THE HILL:A�Dem to tap into grassroots in challenge

Democrats and conservatives have both tried to take down centrist Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) for years, to no avail.

But can a pro-pot, anti-NSA challenger finally be the one to topple the popular three-term incumbent? Democrat Shenna Bellows says yes.

The former head of the Maine American Civil Liberties Union is one of a line of progressive candidates emerging this cycle who have been dubbed a�?Elizabeth Warren Democratsa�? for their willingness to push unabashedly progressive positions that had previously been third-rail issues, like marijuana legalization and single-payer healthcare.

But ita��s those issues, Bellows said, that will help her galvanize Democrats come Election Day.

a�?Democrats in Maine are fired up. The base in Maine is more enthusiastic than ever before,a�? she said.

She slightly outraised Collins in the fourth quarter a�� bringing in $331,000 to Collinsa��s $315,000…And in a small state like Maine, the grassroots engagement can make all the difference.