(Photo credit: @DustinSlaughter)

Despite continuing a program that gives hundreds of millions of dollars to private developers, the city of Chicago is forging ahead on plans to close 54 elementary schools — mostly schools that serve low-income students.

The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) brought thousands of teachers, students, and their allies into the streets yesterday to protest the school closures. Progress Illinois filmed the march. Watch it:

The demonstrated culminated in an act of civil disobedience where 127 people were cited for sitting down and blocking public streets. “So lemme tell you what youai??i??re gonna do. On the first day of school, you show up at your real school! You show up at your real school! Donai??i??t let these people take your schools!” said CTU president Karen Lewis at the rally, in a sign that there is further civil disobedience to come.