Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA)

This morning, Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and, in response to a question from a host, went through a long list of Medicare and Social Security benefit cuts that he endorses:

WARNER: Let me start with chained CPI which is a more rational way to measure inflation, deals with both the entitlement programs and Social Security, lets look at raising the cap on Social Security, let’s look at phased-in raising the age of Social Security, let’s look at means-testing Medicare, let’s look at combining the various Medicare programs into a single deductible, so everybody’s got at least a little bit of skin in the game in terms of the services they use.

Watch the Senator:

Recall that utilizing chained CPI would cut benefits for seniors by up to $1,611 a year. Raising the Social Security age would harm blue-collar workers the most, whose jobs have not gotten less physically demanding and whose life expectancy has only barely improved in the last few decades.

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee did polling in Warner’s state of Virginia and found that 66 percent of people there oppose reducing Social Security benefits. 68 percent oppose reducing Medicare benefits.

If you live in Virginia, click here to call Sen. Warner and tell him to oppose these cuts to Medicare and Social Security benefits.