Tomorrow is the tenth anniversary of the tragic death of Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone. Wellstone was one of the Senate’s top progressive champions — an advocate for universal health care, children, the middle class, and the poor.

He stood against his own party’s leadership by voting against authorizing the Iraq war. When fighting the Wall Street banks, he said he could use ten more progressives in the Senate “or one Elizabeth Warren.”

The Daily Kos community is invited to join the Progressive Change Campaign Committee tonight for a national conference call with Senator Paul Wellstone’s son David and other special guests. Together, progressives will honor Paul Wellstone’s life, share memories, and discuss continuing his legacy.

Can you join us by phone or online at 9:30pm Eastern? RSVP here.

Here’s what PCCC members around the country felt 10 years ago when Wellstone passed:

ai???I was completely overwhelmed by ai??i?? Michael Donnelly, Minnesotaai???I’m a former Wellstone staffer. His death was devastating, and still is. I’ll never get over ai??i?? Roger Wolfson, California

ai???I cried. I’m 76 and in the struggle a long time. He was a beacon for ai??i?? Ann Dellert, Florida

ai???Devastated. Even though I live in California, I always felt that he represented me. It was so encouraging that someone with strong principles could win elections and maintain his ai??i?? Lorraine Priceman, California

ai???I felt devastated. My first political contribution ever was to Paul ai??i?? Anita Jackson, California

ai???I could not believe it, it made be sick, I called everyone I knew. I said a prayer for his ai??i?? Nancy Wilson, Minnesota

Please join the PCCC, David Wellstone, and others tonight as we remember Paul Wellstone together. Join us by phone or online at 9:30pm Eastern — RSVP here.