Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA)

Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) is in national headlines for remarks he made recently where he labeled evolution a lie from the “pit of hell.”

But Broun’s loony antics aren’t limited to what he said about evolution. Here’s five other things — in no particular order, but feel free to order them yourselves! — he said that will have you scratching your head:

  1. Funding NPR and Planned Parenthood is “Unconstitutional”: Broun once offered a truly astounding critique of federal funding for National Public Radio (NPR) and Planned Parenthood, saying that it’s simply unconstitutional to give them money. [4/6/2011]
  2. Federal Employees Don’t Have Real Jobs: During an appearance on a radio job, he shrugged off the firing of 250,000 public employees that would’ve resulted from failing to hike the debt ceiling. He said they should get a “real job.” Does Broun not realize he is one? [6/7/2011]
  3. The Civil War Was A “War Of Yankee Aggression,” Which Is Just Like Health Reform:This one just has to be seen to be believed. [3/18/2010]
  4. We Should Repeal The 16th And 17th Amendments To Stop The “Socializing” Of America: Putting aside the fact that “socializing” simply means gathering with others and communicating, Broun was under the impression that allowing Americans to freely elect their Senators and allowing those Senators to levy an income tax will have us heading down the road to the Soviet Union. [7/2010]
  5. The Federal Government Will Be Calling You Every Day To Make Sure You Eat Your Vegetables: Apparently this was supposed to be one of the effects of Obama’s health care overhauls. And no, Broun was not kidding. [9/2010]

What’s your favorite Broun crazy quip?

If you want elect some progressives to be the antidote to Paul Broun in Congress, Call Out The Vote for Alan Grayson and others.