Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is out this week with a new ad claiming that he will “stand up to China” and its trade and intellectual property practices. Watch it:

But Romney doesn’t have to wait until after the presidential election to “stand up to China.” He can stand up to unfair trade right now by condemning the outsourcing practices of Ai??his old company Bain Capital.

Bain recently acquired Sensata Technologies. After the acquisition, Sensata announced that it will be closing a plant in Freeport, Illinois and moving its 170 jobs to China. Workers at this plant will even be required to train their new Chinese replacements.

Frustrated, the workers set up the “Bainport” protest to call attention to the outsourcing and to get Romney to address their plight.

If the Republican presidential nominee is truly serious about taking on China, he would be speaking out against his old company’s outsourcing to the country. But instead, Romney’s campaign has done everything it can to ignore the Bainport workers.