The Center for Economic Policy and Research (CEPR) is out with a new report that finds that more and more Americans are in “bad jobs” — that is, jobs that offer weak pay and benefits.

Here are a couple of the report’s findings that are particularly shocking:

– Less Jobs Offer Health Coverage:Ai??The report notes that “46.7 percent of jobs did not haveAi??health insurance in 2010, up from 30.2 percent in 1979.” Here’s a graph from the report illustrating this:

– Less Jobs Offer Retirement Plans: CEPR writes that byAi??”2010, the share of workers not participating in Ai??a retirement plan at work stood at 54.5 percent, up from 48.3 percent in 1979.” Here’s a graph from the report illustrating that statistic:Ai??

The report also finds that overall pay has actually increased for most workers, but only by tiny margins: “In 2010, 52.8 percent of workers were in jobs that paid less than $37,000 per year,Ai??down from 59.4 percent in 1979.”

Cumulatively, these numbers paint a picture of America that is failing to live up to the promise of hard work. It’s important to remember that even as benefits are declining for workers, labor productivity has continued to grow over time. This means that Americans are producing just as much or more, but getting less for it. It’s going to take one heck of a progressive movement to turn this sad situation around.