Anti-GMO protesters.

This November, Californians will get a chance to vote on Proposition 37 — a “right to know” law that would require GMO (genetically modified organism) labeling on food products so that consumers know what food has been genetically altered.

Whatever your opinion is about genetically modified food, it’s hard to argue that the public doesn’t deserve to know whether or not the products they’re consuming have been genetically altered. But that’s exactly what big pesticide companies are spending millions to argue.

The Yes On 37 campaign just released new numbersAi??totaling the spending by big pesticide companies against the measure:

Monsanto just gave an additional $2.89 million to defeatAi??Proposition 37, which would require labeling of genetically engineered foods in California. Monsantoai??i??s total contribution against Proposition 37 now stands at $7.1 million, according to campaign finance disclosureAi??recordsAi??filed with the California Secretary of State. […]

The ai???Big 6ai??? pesticide firms (Monsanto, DuPont, Bayer, Dow, BASF and Syngenta) have contributed $19 million of the $32 million that the No on 37 campaign has raised.

This is a stunning amount of money being spent to make sure Californians aren’t properly informed about the food they eat. But so far this corporate subterfuge campaign is falling short. Polling released earlier this month shows that 67 percent of Californians back Prop. 37.