Is modern-day capitalism inconsistent with Christian values? (Photo credit: Flickr user @boetter)

De-regulated capitalism as it is practiced in the United States today — as opposed to the more democratic capitalism practiced in much of the twentieth century that saw the creation of a robust middle class — has resulted in a massive recession and stark inequalities.

A new poll finds that this modern capitalism is actually conflicting with another feature of today’s America: the Christian faith that most Americans practice. The Public Religion Research Institute finds that a plurality of Americans view capitalism as inconsistent with Christian values:

Americans are divided over the extent to which capitalism and the free market system and Christian values can coexist: a plurality (44%) believe that capitalism and the free market system are at odds with Christian values, while 41% agree that capitalism is consistent with Christian values. Fifteen percent say they do not know.

The poll also notes that white working-class Americans are much more likely to believe that capitalism contradicts Christian values (46 percent) than college-educated Americans (53 percent).