When you’re dealing with an unpopular, polluting technology like fracking, you’ve got to really work to get lawmakers to support it. So the fracking industry — natural gas suppliers and drillers — are doing everything they can to cozy with politicians. Here’s one small example:

The group calling itself Ai??”Cheap Natural Gas Now” (CNG Now) — which is made up of various gas and fracking interests like the American Gas Association and gas tycoon T. Boone Pickens’s Pickens Plan — has set up shop at the Republican National Convention. It’s inviting attendees to stop by and get some free espresso:

CNG Now also boasts on Twitter that natural gas shuttles are being provided at the convention. Right-wing media personalities S. E. Cupp and Geraldo Rivera also apparently stopped by the group’s booth today. Let’s hope they asked what that espresso was made out of before they took a sip.