In February 2011, over 183,000 of our members stood in solidarity with Wisconsin workers. They, along with Democracy for America, raised over $2 million for television ads. In addition, thousands volunteered to help successfully defeat two Republicans.

We continued to mobilize in support of efforts to recall Republicans in Wisconsin who support Gov. Scott Walker’s war on working families, including helping recall Governor Walker.

Actions to stop Wisconsin Republicans:

  • SIGN-ON LETTER — Over 183,000 signed on in solidarity with Wisconsin workers against Governor Scott Walker.
  • VOLUNTEERS — Thousands volunteered to help recall Wisconsin Republicans. Together, we made over 300,000 phone calls and staffed over 1,700 local volunteer shifts.
  • RECALL WALKER — We are continuing our campaign to build support for recalling Gov. Walker.
  • NEWSTPM: “A coalition of progressive groups are taking their threats to recall several Republican members of the state Senate in Wisconsin to the next level this week. The Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy For America say they’ve raised more than a half million dollars from a TV ad the groups have been running in two Wisconsin media markets for a week. Now they plan to take that money and refocus their attention on recalling three Republican Senators.”
  • NEWSUS News & World Report: “As if we needed another sign that the labor standoff in Wisconsin has become a national proxy fight, an air war has broken out on Wisconsin televisions. The latest salvo comes from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy for America, which has bought time on Madison and Milwaukee television stations for a one minute ad blasting Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walkerai??i??s anti public union budget proposal.”
  • ADS — Over 116,000 grassroots donors raised over $2 million with Democracy for America to fund five television ads aired over 17,000 times like the ones below: