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It appears that somebody in Massachusetts is trying to use dirty tricks to prevent Elizabeth Warren from being elected.’s Susan Manning reports that at least one voter got a robo-call telling them to vote for President Obama and Warren on Wednesday — the day after the election. The calls apparently are claiming the election date has been changed due to Hurricane Sandy:

The call said “Hi, I’m one of your neighbors in Holliston and … I want to urge you to vote for Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama on Wednesday, November 7.” The date, said the call, had been changed because of Hurricane Sandy.

Manning was unable to ascertain the origin of these calls, the caller ID listed it simply as Massachusetts 000-0000.

We don’t know who’s behind this dirty trick, but we do know how to respond. We’re making calls to Massachussetts voters over the next few days asking them to vote for Warren on Tuesday. Click here to join our Call Out The Vote effort.