Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles want to cut your Social Security and Medicare benefits. They’ve assembled a $30 million warchest and have promised lawmakers that support their austerity plan will get “financial support.”

But Virginia Democratic Senate candidate Tim Kaine dealt a blow to their hopes last night during his debate with his Republican opponent George Allen. Both Allen and Kaine rejected the plan “as is,” and Kaine went further by specifically stating that he would not support its changes to Social Security because “it isn’t contributing to the deficit.” Watch it:

Remember, Social Security is not going broke. It is fully funded through 2037, and it would be solvent for many decades into the future past that if we simply raised the payroll tax cap and required wealthier Americans to pay a tiny fraction of their income more into the system.

We need more lawmakers in office to reject any cuts to Medicare and Social Security benefits. Click here to make phone calls for our endorsed candidates like Alan Grayson and Elizabeth Warren who have pledged to reject any cuts to these vital programs.