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The Progressive Change Campaign Committee also provides endorsements and other direct support to select progressive candidates at the federal, state, and local level. Every race is different, and we tailor our support to your particular needs.

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Our Campaign Services

Campaign-In-A-Box Technology

Our software helps progressive candidates — local, state, or federal — run a best-practices campaign without wasting time or money. You can set up a beautiful website in minutes, manage email, press, and endorsement lists, optimize your call time, and design your own direct mail! Our affordable “campaign-in-a-box” technology costs $25/month, including built-in website hosting and unlimited user accounts.

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Free Campaign Webinars

Our free monthly webinars are 60 minutes each, and will cover topics like advanced fundraising, field, management, GOTV, and more. We recommend that candidates put the dates and times on their calendars now!


Mass Voter Contact Program

Call Out The Vote is an easy, cheap, and effective way to reach voters in your district through a predictive dialing system — even if you’ve never used one before, and have no idea how to get started. Your campaign can even call individual cell phones! Our system will help expand your universe and reach new voters.

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Monthly Newsletter

This newsletter is geared towards both candidates and elected officials. Once a month, we send tips and tricks appropriate for this stage of the election cycle — from maximizing the holidays to planning those final few days of getting-out-the-vote.

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Running For Office Guide

Our free 35-page running for office guide contains helpful checklists to get your campaign going. Use the book to develop your message, research yourself and your opponent, polish your social media presence, and more.

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PCCC Training Programs

Every year, the PCCC offers free trainings that cover the A to Z’s of running for office, including pivoting to core message from curveball questions, having presence in the room, expanding your donor list, hiring experienced staff, winning local endorsements, earning great press, motivating volunteers, polling, and more.

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Ask An Expert

Sometimes you just need to talk to an expert - someone who has been in your shoes and who has a track record of success and a wealth of campaign knowledge. With our “Ask An Expert’ program, candidates and staff can sign up to chat with experts in Field, Finance, and Digital Strategy.

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Testimonials from Candidates

“You were here before there was a beginning. You helped make the beginning. Thank you.”

– Elizabeth Warren (MA-Sen)

“We've seen how important it is to have bold progressive leaders in Congress. With the help of PCCC members, our partnership will continue for many years.”

– Mark Takano (CA-36)

“PCCC members helped secure my 19-vote margin of victory by making over 25,000 calls to voters.”

– Cecilia Tkaczyk (NY-State Senate)