One Wisconsin protester’s sign against the Kochs. (Photo credit: Flickr user Sue Peacock)

Americans For Prosperity (AFP), the group founded and funded by the right-wing billionaires the Koch Brothers, has its sights set on Arkansas.

Having just spent big in Kansas to unseat some of the state’s last moderate Republicans, AFP is now looking to swing both the House and Senate in Arkansas to the Republican Party.

The Washington Post reports today that the organization has pledged to spend a million dollars on state races there, and is already organizing astroturf events to entice voters, including free barbecues and bus tours.

Let’s put that million dollars into perspective. The Institute for Money In State Politics estimates that the average House race in the state cost $30,723 during the previous 2009-2010 cycle. The average Senate race cost a bit more at $95,626.

Arkansas Republicans only need to win three seats in the Senate and five seats in the House in order to win control of the state’s legislature. That means that if the average cost was similar to the previous cycle, the Kochs’ AFP could afford to fully subsidize each winning race through outside expenditures (which are not subject to strict limits like donating directly to a candidate).

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