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Social Security Expansion

We need to expand Social Security benefits — not cut them

Social Security is one of the most successful government programs in our nation’s history. It has lifted millions of Americans out of poverty, lets our citizens retire with dignity, and gives security to retirees, the disabled, and veterans, as well as their families.

However, benefits have not kept up with the rising cost of food, housing, and health care — and with corporate pensions falling, seniors rely on the program more than ever.

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee has worked to change the conversation around Social Security. When Democrats were fighting simply to stop the program from being privatized, we went on offense — calling for expanding Social Security benefits, and making sure that millionaires and billionaires paid their fair share into the program.

Polling by the Progressive Change Institute shows that Social Security expansion is wildly popular with voters, with an average of 70% in support — Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike.

Today, a majority of Senate Democrats are on record favoring Social Security expansion, and this has become a mainstream Democratic position!