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Free + Open Internet

A free, open, and accessible Internet strengthens commerce and education

Net neutrality is a critical issue that impacts commerce, education, and the spread of information. Net neutrality is the concept of a free, open, and accessible Internet where content isn’t controlled through “fast” and “slow” lanes — and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee has been part of the fight to protect net neutrality for many years.

Along with many progressive allies, members of Congress, innovators, and celebrities, we kept the pressure on the FCC for years to protect net neutrality. Even during President Obama’s first campaign for President, supporter Joe Niederberger asked Barack Obama to protect net neutrality within the first year of his presidency. Obama pledged support, referring to the interference as destroying the “incredible equity” of the Internet. Over the years, we’ve also kept up the pressure on big companies like Comcast and Verizon -- and petitioned the FCC to reclassify the Internet as a public utility.

We won a big victory in 2015 when the FCC voted to protect net neutrality — rules that were later upheld by the courts and celebrated by the Obama administration.