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Our Endorsements: 2018

J.D. Scholten

U.S. House – Iowa (IA-04)

J.D. is a fifth generation Iowan, lawyer, and former professional baseball player taking on Republican Steve King. He’s running in support of family farmers and against corporate consolidation of agribusiness that makes it harder for them to compete. He’s also a strong supporter of Medicare for All, a higher minimum wage, worker rights, and high-speed broadband in rural communities. J.D. has traveled to all 39 counties in the district in his Winnebago RV, “Sioux City Sue.”

Andrew Gillum

Governor – Florida

As the mayor of Tallahassee, Andrew fought the NRA, even winning a lawsuit against them. Lately he’s been a national voice for gun control, and has been campaigning on other bold progressive issues like corporate tax hikes and marijuana legalization. Andrew is the real deal — an activist who isn’t afraid to take on powerful opponents.

David Garcia

Governor – Arizona

David is a veteran and teacher running on local investment in family-owned farms, breweries and vineyards, as well as making Arizona a “solar superpower.” He is also pushing for free community college, to train more skilled workers like nurses and firefighters, and a ban on assault weapons. He’s endorsed by Democracy for America and People for the American Way.

Kara Eastman

U.S. House – Nebraska (NE-02)

Kara Eastman decided to run for Congress after watching her mom, dying of cancer, struggle to afford medicine that cost $2,500 per pill. She is a community leader and social worker who runs the Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance, working on issues like getting lead out of drinking water and standing up to the big corporations on fracking and pipelines. The current congressman voted to repeal people’s health care and is one of the most vulnerable Republicans in the nation -- having won by just 1% in 2016. Kara can win this seat and is campaigning on Medicare For All, debt-free college, a $15 minimum wage, and combating climate change and gun violence.

Beto O’Rourke

U.S. Senate – Texas

Beto is currently a congressman from El Paso, now running to unseat Republican Senator Ted Cruz. He’s running on a platform of universal healthcare, breaking up monopolies, and marijuana decriminalization, among other issues. His strong grassroots campaign is catching fire!

Jess King

U.S. House – Pennsylvania (PA-11)

Jess is running to unseat a Republican congressman who is the top NRA recipient in the nation. She was born and raised in her district, and runs a nonprofit that trains and lends money to people in the community trying to start small businesses. She and her husband, a Mennonite minister, have two daughters, and she makes a strong moral argument about her progressive values. She supports “guarding our farms, homes, and planet” and is campaigning on Medicare For All, debt-free college, banning fracking, and getting big money out of politics. She’s running an amazing grassroots campaign — she’s raising more money than her Republican opponent, and has hundreds of volunteers mobilized to knock doors and make phone calls.

Randy Bryce

U.S. House – Wisconsin (WI-01)

Randy Bryce is a U.S. Army veteran, cancer survivor, and union ironworker. He is currently challenging Republican Paul Ryan to represent Wisconsin’s first congressional district. Randy is running as a proud working dad for single payer health care and more manufacturing jobs — and to stop the devastating Ryan agenda. He is famous on Twitter as @IronStache.

Liz Watson

U.S. House – Indiana (IN-09)

Liz is running for Congress in Indiana against Republican Trey Hollingsworth. She is taking a no-nonsense approach to her campaign, talking to voters about the kitchen table issues that matter most to them, like good manufacturing jobs. As a former policy director in Congress, she wrote the Schedules That Work Act, the first-of-its-kind legislation to give employees more certainty around their work schedules, making it easier for them to arrange child care or hold a second job. If Liz wins, she will become a model for how populists can win red districts. She reminds us a lot of another “Liz” — Elizabeth Warren.

Ammar Campa-Najjar

U.S. House – California (CA-50)

Ammar is the son of a Mexican-American mother and Middle Eastern immigrant father, born and raised in East San Diego county. He helped support his struggling family by working as a church janitor in high school, working his way up to a position in the White House during President Obama’s administration. He developed an apprenticeship program at the U.S. Department of Labor to “earn while you learn,” and is running for Medicare for All, immigrant rights, and overturning Citizens United. He’s running to flip the congressional seat held by Republican Duncan Hunter.

Dana Balter

U.S. House – New York (NY-24)

Dana is running to flip the congressional seat held by Republican John Katko. She’s a community organizer, professor, and researcher into publicly funded elections. She’s also a lifelong advocate for people with disabilities, starting with her beloved younger brother Jonathan. She’s running for Medicare for All, women’s rights, universal pre-K, and higher wages.

Stacey Abrams

Governor – Georgia

Stacey is the former Georgia House Minority Leader, and the founder of the New Georgia Project, which registered more than 200,000 voters of color between 2014 and 2016. She’s campaigning on a platform of investment in small business (instead of big business) to make Georgia’s economy grow. If Stacey wins, she’ll make history by becoming the first black woman governor in the country.