Following his vote to kill expanded background checks for gun purchases, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee started running ads against Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) featuring local gun owners blasting him for the move.

These included full-page ads in twenty local newspapers, followed by a TV ad launched yesterday.

In response to the PCCC’s ads, Baucus’s office issued this response yesterday:

“Montanans told Max loudAi??and clear they didn’t supportAi??newAi??gun controls in the previousAi??bill.Ai??If a new bill is presented, MaxAi??will evaluate it based on theAi??feedback he gathers from theAi??people of Montana

This is the first statement from any senator who voted “no” saying they might vote “yes” if they hear enough from their constituents. (For the record, polling showsAi??79 percent of Montanans support universal background checks.)

Click here to see MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow report on the PCCC’s new ad, followed by Baucus’s statement read aloud by Helena, Montana’s CBS affiliate (KXLH) last night:

The ad was also reported on by the New York Times, Washington Post, International Business Times, CNN, PBS, Buzzfeed, Talking Points Memo, and others. Locally, at least four local television news broadcasts covered the ad.

And if you’re from Montana,Ai??click here to call Senator Baucus today.