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The Progressive Change Campaign Committee supports progressive candidates at the federal, state, and local level. Every race is different, and we tailor our support to your particular needs.

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What We Offer

Financial Support

In a campaign, every dollar counts. We’ve raised millions of dollars in grassroots donations to support progressive candidates.


Our members knock doors, make phone calls, hold house parties, and do whatever it takes to help progressive candidates win!

Team of Experts

We have a team of experts who have previously worked on high-profile House, Senate, and presidential races, and who are now excited to work with your team to make sure they have all the tools and best practices they need.


Our training program equips thousands of candidates, staff, and volunteers to run smart, competent campaigns from Day One.

Campaign-In-A-Box Technology

Our online tools allow anyone to run a best-practices campaign at the push of a button. You can set up a professional website, run an email program, manage press lists, manage your images, and much, much more! There are also hundreds of pages of Guides and Resources, including lots of templates that every campaign needs — like sign-in sheets for volunteers, or checklists for house parties — that you can download as PDFs.

Call Out The Vote

Through our distributed phone program, we can mobilize our volunteers to hop on an automated phone dialer at the same time as your volunteers in the office, making everyone exponentially more effective. We’ve often been able to identify thousands of supportive voters in a single session using this program.

Cross-Country Campaigns

We connect candidates across the country to hold press events on the same day calling for important progressive priorities, like raising the minimum wage, expanding Social Security, or overhauling campaign finance reform. When everyone speaks out at the same time, it gets more attention!


We connect campaigns with talented staff through our massive database of 10,000 resumes.


We share recent polling data on progressive messaging, with real numbers on what works with Democratic, Independent, and Republican voters.


Our monthly newsletter shares the latest cutting-edge best practices in the campaign world with our network of bold progressive candidates, friends, and allies.

Testimonials from Candidates

“You were here before there was a beginning. You helped make the beginning. Thank you.”

– Elizabeth Warren (MA-Sen)

“We've seen how important it is to have bold progressive leaders in Congress. With the help of PCCC members, our partnership will continue for many years.”

– Mark Takano (CA-36)

“PCCC members helped secure my 19-vote margin of victory by making over 25,000 calls to voters.”

– Cecilia Tkaczyk (NY-State Senate)

So what are you waiting for?

We support candidates at all levels, for all cycles – even special elections.

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