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Democratic Rep. Rick Nolan: We’re Told To Spend 30 Hours A Week Fundraising

Rep. Rick Nolan (D-MN)

Newly-elected Rep. Rick Nolan (D-MN) appeared on MSNBC today to explain his frustrations with the broken state of democracy in the United States. He told host Chuck Todd that he was told he needed to spend 30 hours each week fundraising instead of governing, and that this is one of the reasons we need to get money out of politics:

NOLAN: We’re told here, two things, one is the one with the most money gets the most vote, and number two, you should be spending 30 hours a week in fundraising and call time dialing for dollars.

TODD: Let me stop you there […] They want you to spend 30 hours a week making phones calls?

NOLAN: For money. And you know I’m not going to do that, I haven’t done that. I’m here to govern. But the fact is my last election contest years ago I think I spent $250,000. The total amount of money in my election contest this year was well over $20 million. You know, back when I was here before that was more than was spent in the presidential contest! We need to change the way we do politics. We need to take money out of politics, and Ai??the Congress needs to go back to work governing.

Watch it:

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VIDEO: Republican Congressman Chip Cravaack Dodges Question About Mitt Romney’s Plan To Dismantle FEMA

Rep. Chip Cravaack (R-MN)

As millions of Americans continue to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, they expect their government to be there to respond to the effects of the storm. Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s solutionto the federal response to the super storms is to simply devolve the Federal Emergency Management Administration and let the states take care of themselves — a disastrous plan that would be particularly destructive to poorer states without the resources to respond to emergencies.

Embattled Republican congressman Chip Cravaack (R-MN) was asked about Romney’s plan during a debate with his bold progressive Democratic opponent Rick Nolan. He

MODERATOR:Where do you stand on Mitt Romney’s stand on turning over FEMA and federal government disaster relief to the individual states?

CRAVAACK: I’d have to take a look at that proposal a little bit more. There’s nothing really hard in stone, what now of course with the Dulluth floods FEMA responded pretty well. […] I’d really have to defer and wait until I see some hard language […]


NOLAN: No, I’d be strongly opposed to that. What we’re witnessing here in the northeastern united states, what we witnessed here in northeastern Minnesota, what we witnessed in Louisiana, New Orleans, clearly requires a federal government response.

Watch it:

Minnesotans deserve a congressman who can clearly condemn a radical plan like dismantling FEMA and turning its responsibilities over to individual states.

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ROLL CALL: Colleagues, Family, Friends Celebrate Legacy of Paul Wellstone

On the eve of today’s 10th anniversary of the death of Sen. Paul Wellstone (D-Minn.), family, friends, former Congressional colleagues and average Americans who were touched by Wellstone’s work gathered on a conference call to share their memories of one of the icons of the progressive movement, vowing to continue to champion the causes he fought so hard for… This is a person who understood his moral compass,” Progressive Change Campaign Committee Co-Founder Adam Green said on the call. “And even when he was an isolated voice in an out of touch Senate, he voted his conscience and was very much the tip of a spear of an entire movement across this country.”


Cravaack’s opponent, Rick Nolan, is getting a boost from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee in the form of phonebanking. The group has placed 11,108 phone calls to voters on behalf of Nolan, according to a press release.