As poll after poll shows bold progressive Elizabeth Warren leading Scott Brown (R) in the Massachusetts Senate race, he is growing increasingly desperate to distract voters from his pro-corporate record.

He’s attacking Warren for having a small consulting role to Dow Chemical back in 1995. He claims this shows that she’s not on the side of ordinary people.

But if Dow Chemical is so toxic (no pun intended) then why is Brown happy to engage in fundraising with the corporation?

Brown has taken $6,000 from the company’s Political Action Committee (PAC) in the current election cycle. He took $1,000 when he was running in 2010. Warren hasn’t gotten a dime from the company’s PAC.

Corporations don’t just like to give away free money. Dow is likely rewarding Brown for his 2011 vote to bar the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gases, an issue Dow intensely lobbied on the same year. In fact, he got a $1,000 check from the PAC the month after the vote.

They say those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. It seems like Brown just threw a boulder.

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