This mailer is not true, and thousands of Pennsylvanians are getting it anyway.

The state of Pennsylvania — controlled by Republican Governor Tom Corbett — is sending mailers to voters falsely telling themthat they need a photo ID to vote.

There are now reports that local Republican activists are harassing voters at the polls, demanding that they show identification. A local judge has intervened to prohibit the Republicans from harassing these voters:

An Allegheny County judge on Tuesday issued an order to halt electioneering outside a polling location in Homestead. County officials received a complaint shortly before 10 a.m. Tuesday that Republicans outside a polling location on Maple Street in Homestead were stopping people outside the polls and asking for identification. The order states: ai???Individuals outside the polls are prohibited from questioning, obstructing, interrogating or asking about any form of identification and/demanding any form of identification from any prospective

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