Disclosures released today from the Federal Election Commission show that Grover Norquists’s Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) just droppedAi??$162,418.26 on direct mail pieces to attack bold progressive Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren. Here’s a screengrab from the disclosure:

When Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) pledges not to raise taxes on the wealthy, ATR is the reason why. It is a powerful lobby that is funded largely by corporations and billionaires.

When the right corporations pay off Norquist, he’ll even violate his own supposed free market conservative principles.Ai??Earlier this year, I confronted him about why ATR opposes letting Americans buy cheaper drugs from Canada — a free market idea. When I mentioned that his organization has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from Big Pharma, he struggled to maintain his composure. Then, when my colleague and I asked him why he lobbied for Fannie Mae in the past even though he attacks it now, he quit the interview altogether.

Norquist is a powerful lobbyist and his organization is seeking to sink Warren because she’s dedicated to holding corporate America accountable. Help defend Warren from Norquists’s attack, click here to chip in a few dollars to her campaign.