Letai??i??s say that youai??i??ve been invited to a social occasion like a wedding, bar mitzvah, or holiday shindig. How do you make the most of it as a candidate?

  • Make new connections. Make it a goal to meet 5-10 new people at every event. You never know who will become your next big campaign supporter!
  • Collect contact information from other guests. Casually exchange business cards, or write down email addresses and cell phone numbers in a small notebook. After every event, be sure to add the information to the ai???Contact Databaseai??? app in PIES.
  • Scout hosts for future events. If your friend throws a great party, ask them whether they will consider hosting a fundraiser for your campaign! Your new connections could be the solid start of a guest list since they already know the host.
  • Look the part. Remember that when you are running for office, you may receive more attention than usual. Use this as a chance to shine! Make sure you are dressed cleanly and appropriately. Smile a lot. This is a great chance to project a professional image to a new group of people.
  • Relax and rejuvenate. Campaigns are stressful. Social events can be a great way to unwind. Try to enjoy yourself, and stop worrying about your long to-do list.

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