Zephyr_WWR_090814_ColorPCCC-endorsed Zephyr Teachout won a stunning 34.3% of the vote in what the New York Times is calling a “surprisingly potent liberal revolt” and “an embarrassing rebuke” to Governor Andrew Cuomo, adding that it could “put a sizable dent in any national aspirations he may hold.”

This is a victory for progressives everywhere. Andrew Cuomo’s corrupt economic policies hurt New York working families. In a few short weeks, Zephyr Teachout gave Andrew Cuomo the race of his political life — even though she was outspent 11-to-1, and fueled only by the hands and hearts of her supporters.

The national message for politicians is clear. If you run as a Democrat and govern as a Republican, you can be challenged and held accountable.

Local and national media have come to a consensus on this race: Zephyr Teachout far exceeded political experts’Ai??expectationsAi??Ai??– dashing Cuomo’s presidential aspirations.Ai??Here’s some reporting so far:


New York Daily News:Ai??”Teachoutai??i??s showing was far better than anyone expected”

New York Post: “surprisingly strong showing” leaves Cuomo “bruised”

The Guardian:Ai??”surprisingly strong performance”

NPR: “unexpectedly strong challenge”

Politico: “closer-than-expected margins”

Washington Post: “Andrew Cuomo spent almost 40 times as much for his votes as Zephyr Teachout”


New York Times: The race was “surprisingly potent liberal revolt” and “an embarrassing rebuke” to Governor Andrew Cuomo. It could “put a sizable dent in any national aspirations he may hold.”

CBS New York: “Teachoutai??i??s presence on the ballot… served as a liberal referendum on the popular incumbent and highlights Cuomoai??i??s uneasy relationship with his partyai??i??s base.”

Capital New York: “Not the primary victory Cuomo wanted”

Bloomberg News: “Teachoutai??i??s showing, the strongest by a challenger to an incumbent since New York began gubernatorial primaries in 1970, exposed a potential weakness for [Cuomo].”

New York Daily News: Teachout “likely put a dent in any dreams Cuomo might have of running for national office one day.”

New York Observer: Cuomo’s “victory is perhaps not as sweet as he might have imagined”

The Nation: Teachout “took nearly 35 percent of the vote Tuesday night, enough to leave a sizable gash in his left flank and do some permanent damage to his hopes of running for national office one day.”

The Guardian: “a blow to a governor who is widely discussed as a future presidential candidate.”

Wall Street Journal: “exposed deep reservations about Mr. Cuomo among liberals”

Associated Press: Cuomo “bruised” and “With Cuomo widely believed to hold national political ambitions, Teachout’s campaign threatened to upend the governor’s hope to win re-election by big margins.”

PCCC members made a huge impact in this race. MSNBC reports we “invested in Teachoutai??i??s campaign through fundraising and mounting a get-out-the-vote operation” — making over 466,000 calls to voters through our Call Out The Vote program and donating over $47,863.70 through 2,853Ai??small-dollar donations.

Now we’re going to keep the momentum going for populist candidates through November.

Zephyr Teachout said something really important in a recent interview. She said, “Don’t leave power on the table. Don’t give it away.” Zephyr and her running mate Tim Wu showed us what that looks like.

Pledge to Call Out The Vote for populist candidates before November.

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